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Your all-in-one genomics platform to uncover the microbial world.

Fast and accurate identification and characterisation of microbes is vital to guide public health, food safety, and clinical research to prevent the spread of pathogenic microbes.

With nanopore sequencing, you can get access to real-time data and generate rapid insight to time-critical results, meaning you can make changes in real time and ensure each experiment runs with confidence.

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High-quality meets complete.

High-accuracy nanopore sequencing can overcome the limitations of legacy technologies to characterise complete, contiguous, reference-quality microbial genomes — producing data that you can have confidence in.

Long nanopore reads enhance de novo genome assembly, enabling more accurate analysis of known and novel microbes, precise differentiation of closely related microbes, and complete plasmid reconstruction.

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Sequencing microbial genomes

Sequencing that stays ahead.

Fight antimicrobial resistance with nanopore sequencing technology that resolves whole bacterial genomes and uncovers resistance genes within hours.

NO-MISS workflow introduction

No microbe left behind.

You’re not content with seeing only a fraction of microbial genomes, and neither are we. Sequence whole microbial isolate genomes using the nanopore-only microbial isolate sequencing solution (NO-MISS).

NO-MISS offers a flexible, rapid, and simple approach to generate complete, reference-quality microbial genome sequences in one experiment and in-house, eliminating the need to outsource or use multiple techniques for validation.

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