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Yutaka Suzuki

Yutaka Suzuki
Job title
The University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yutaka Suzuki is a professor at the Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences, University of Tokyo (UTokyo), Japan. After he graduated from UTokyo in 1999, he spent one year at the Genome Science Center, RIKEN and then moved back to UTokyo where he researched full-length cDNA sequencing analysis. He has been a professor at UTokyo since 2013. His specialty includes full-length cDNA, transcriptome, transcriptional start site analyses, next generation sequencing, cancer genomics, and spatial biology.

Recent publications

Haga, Y. et al. Whole-genome sequencing reveals the molecular implications of the stepwise progression of lung adenocarcinoma. Nat Commun. 14:8375 (2023). DOI:

Sakamoto, Y. et al. Long-read whole-genome methylation patterning using enzymatic base conversion and nanopore sequencing, Nucleic Acids Research 49 (14):e81 (2021) DOI:

Suzuki, Y. Advent of a new sequencing era: long-read and on-site sequencing. J Hum Genet 65 (1):1 (2020) DOI:

Runtuwene, L. R. An international collaborative effort for infectious disease analysis using MinION. Presentation. Available at:

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