Chromosome-level reference genome of Venturia effusa, causative agent of pecan scab

Pecan scab, caused by Venturia effusa, is a devastating disease of pecan (Carya illinoinensis), which results in economic losses on susceptible cultivars throughout the southeastern United States. To enhance our understanding of pathogenicity in V. effusa, we have generated a complete telomere-to-telomere reference genome of V. effusa isolate FRT5LL7-Albino. By combining Illumina MiSeq and Oxford Nanopore MinION data, we assembled a 45.2-Mb genome represented by 20 chromosomes and containing 10,820 putative genes, of which 7,619 have at least one functional annotation.

The likely causative mutation of the albino phenotype was identified as a single base insertion and a resulting frameshift in the gene encoding the polyketide synthase ALM1. This genome represents the first full chromosome-level assembly of any Venturia sp.

Authors: David J. Winter, Nikki D. Charlton, Nick Krom, Jason Shiller, Clive H. Bock, Murray P. Cox, Carolyn A. Young