Breaking boundaries in neurodegenerative disease research

Biography Dr. Joanne Trinh received her PhD in medical genetics at The University of British Columbia, Canada. She subsequently joined the Institute of Neurogenetics in Lübeck, Germany, where she obtained a faculty position. She is now head of the Integrative Omics in Parkinson’s disease research group, which investigates the role of mosaic variants, nuclear and mitochondrial genome sequences, and lifestyle and environmental factors in parkinsonism. Her research group in Lübeck will continue to use big-data approaches to elucidate the causes of neurological disease.

Biography Kimberley Billingsley is leading the Long-Read Sequencing team at the NIH’s Center for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias. Her work focuses on generating large-scale, high-value datasets to study the impact of structural variants and tandem repeats in neurodegenerative diseases. Kimberley obtained her PhD from the University of Liverpool, studying the role of transposable elements in Parkinson's Disease.

Authors: Joanne Trinh, Kimberley Billingsley