Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, US, upholds jury decision to invalidate certain PacBio patents

Today the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a unanimous Precedential Opinion and Judgment affirming the jury’s March 2020 verdict in the PacBio v. Oxford Nanopore case, that invalidated a number of PacBio patents.  This has been a long running dispute in which Oxford Nanopore has repeatedly prevailed.  In 2018, Oxford Nanopore was found by the ITC not to infringe other patents wrongly asserted against it by PacBio.  That ruling was also affirmed by the Federal Circuit.  Oxford Nanopore is pleased with this outcome, which it anticipates effectively ends a series of frivolous disputes perpetrated by PacBio.  Oxford Nanopore continues to innovate and bring high-performance, disruptive sequencing products to a global community of scientists.