PromethION family group
Flexible, large-scale, direct DNA and RNA sequencing

Terabases of data

1 - 48 flow cells

Flexible, on-demand sequencing

High-performance compute

Analyse data in real time with 4 NVIDIA A-Series GPUs

Up to 13.3 Tb data*

* (Theoretical max output when system is run for 72 hours at 400 bases / second. Outputs may vary according to library type, run conditions, etc.)

Which PromethION device is right for me?

Not sure which PromethION device you need? See below for the number of flow cells you can run on a PromethION 2 device, a PromethION 24 or a PromethION 48 each year. Read more about our P24 and P48 devices

PromethION comparison graph

Flow cell specifications

100-200 Gb native gDNA reads (read N50 ~25 kb)
Multiplexed sequencing of up to 96 samples with PCR or PCR-free barcoding
PromethION flow cell
>100 million cDNA reads for isoform-level analysis
50-100 Gb ultra-long native DNA reads (>50 kb read N50)
>200 Gb on metagenomic samples (read N50 ~ 10 kb)
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Service provider certification is available for PromethION


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