Sample-to-answer nanopore sequencing

Leveraging the advantages of our technology, centred around the flow cell and the compact size of our sequencers, you can automate and streamline your sequencing workflows. Our versatile automation solutions include portable and benchtop devices that are capable of sample extraction, library prep, sequencing, and even data analysis — all within a single device.


Bring streamlined genomics into your lab with ElysION, — the sample-to-answer automated sequencing solution. Featuring integrated MinION Mk1D or PromethION 2 Solo sequencers and onboard compute, ElysION facilitates high-throughput sample analysis — from nucleic acid extraction to data analysis.

  • Sample to answer: extract, prepare, sequence, and analyse
  • Hands-off, end-to-end workflows
  • Scalable up to 96 samples (workflow dependent)
  • Onboard compute


TraxION is a portable device designed to streamline and automate the sequencing process, —from nucleic acid extraction and library preparation to nanopore sequencing, — incorporating an integrated flow cell.

  • Sample to sequence: extract, prepare and sequence
  • Portable and simple: novel, pipette-free approach
  • Sustainable: minimal consumables and lab equipment required

Automated, high-throughput library prep

We also partner with multiple laboratory automation vendors to design and develop library preparation scripts compatible with liquid handling platforms, allowing seamless integration into the nanopore sequencing workflow.

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