Response to UK Pacific Biosciences suit

Oxford Nanopore Technologies, the UK-based company that sells the only nanopore sequencing device, the MinION portable DNA sequencer and is now releasing the high throughput/high sample number PromethION device, responds to the patent lawsuit now filed in the UK by Pacific Biosciences.

Dr Gordon Sanghera, CEO of Oxford Nanopore said “This repeat suit shows the same very one-dimensional reasoning as the original ITC complaint.

We do not anticipate any disruption to our ongoing and rapidly expanding commercial progress as a result of this action, which we believe is without merit.”

MinION is a portable real-time DNA sequencer which you can use with no capital cost. It sequences the fragment length that it is given, resulting in ultra long reads (100s of kb)

Start using MinION

PromethION is a high throughput, high sample number, on demand DNA sequencer.

PromethION Early Access Programme

In late 2016, Oxford Nanopore released upgraded kits to enable 10Gb of high quality data from a single MinION flow cell. It is now been used for de novo assembly of large genomes including human, tomato, eel.

New R9.4 kit release