Nanopore Community Meeting (28-29 Nov) will feature talks from CTO Clive G. Brown, 50 users of nanopore sequencing. Get your ticket now!

The 4th Nanopore Community meeting will be held 28-29 November in San Francisco, with a workshop on 27th November. Browse the agenda and book your place.

What to expect

Nanopore technology update

Clive G Brown, CTO Oxford Nanopore, will give a technology update on Wednesday 28th November.  This follows on from his most recent talk at ASHG in October entitled “Nanopore accuracy; overtaking the competition...". A summary of tweets from this ASHG talk can be found here; join the meeting to hear more about the evolution of the new R10 nanopore, acceleration of PromethION yields and other developments.

More information about the updates presented at ASHG can be found in this post.

Plenaries and breakouts

During the two day meeting, you can expect to hear 50 talks from scientists using nanopore sequencing in their research, including:

  • clinical microbiology, for example "Nanopore sequencing of emerging viruses in a 'hotspot - African swine fever and avian influenza in Ukraine" byGanna Kovalenko
  • other clinical applications, for example "How nanopore sequencing is changing HLA typing for renal transplants in low income countries" by Tom Nieto or "Multiplex CRISPR-Cas enrichment of clinically relevant genomic repeat structures" by Martin Elferink
  • RNA sequencing, for example "Beyond gene expression: long-read RNA-sequencing of the cancer transcriptome" by Jonathan Goke
  • structural variation, for example "Nanopore sequencing and rapid fusion testing - a 'killer app' in molecular pathology" by William Jeck
  • cancer genomics, for example "Targeted long-read single cell sequencing of tumour and immune cells" by Martin Smith
  • assembly, for example "A chromosome-scale assembly of the sorghum genome using nanopore sequencing and optical mapping" by Stephane Deschamps
  • raw signal analysis, for example "Signal analysis using nanopolish" by Jared Simpson
  • field sequencing with MinION, for example "Deployable NGS for Influenza virus field surveillance and outbreak response" by Matthew Keller
  • high throughput genome sequencing with PromethION/GridION, for example "100 genomes in 100 days" by Mike Schatz

PromethION is now in use in labs around the world. Learn to start using this or other nanopore devices

Due to popular demand two more days (3rd and 4th December) have been added to our upcoming nanopore workshop — you can book your place here.  Or if you can't make the workshop, here are some other training options.