DNA library preparation

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A wide range of library preparation kits is available to suit whole-genome as well as targeted sequencing requirements. Amplification-free kits allow direct sequencing of short to ultra-long fragments of native DNA, eliminating PCR bias and allowing the detection of base modifications alongside standard nucleotides. Amplification-based kits enable whole-genome sequencing from low-input amounts or low-quality DNA (e.g. FFPE).

Output optimised Speed optimised Ultra-long reads optimised Low input optimised Targeted sequencing
Ligation Sequencing Kit Rapid Sequencing Kit Ultra-long DNA Sequencing Kit Rapid PCR Barcoding Kit 16S Barcoding Kit
Preparation time 60 minutes 10 minutes 200* mins + 1x O/N incubation 15 mins + PCR 25 mins + PCR
Input recommendation ~1000 ng gDNA or
100-200 fmol for amplicons
~100 ng gDNA 6M cells 1 - 5 ng gDNA 10 ng gDNA
Fragmentation Optional Transposase-based Transposase-based Transposase-based -
Amplification No No No Yes Yes
Barcode options Native Barcoding Kit 24
Native Barcoding Kit 96
Rapid Barcoding Kit 24
Rapid Barcoding Kit 96
- 24 plex 24 plex
Typical output 3/3 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3
Adaptive sampling Yes Yes Yes Yes -
Methylation included Yes Yes Yes - -

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  • Simplex for most genomic investigations
  • Duplex for challenging genomic regions

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  • Software-controlled target enrichment
  • No need for additional library prep