New ‘R10’ nanopore released into early access

R10 is a new design of nanopore, with a longer barrel and dual reader head.  This week it is being released from internal use into an early access programme.  A small number of nanopore users will be able to evaluate it and provide feedback, so that Oxford Nanopore can rapidly improve R10 towards broad release.

Performance improvement of Oxford Nanopore products is driven by continuous updates, including to software, analysis algorithms, chemistry updates or kit improvements.  This has, over time, resulted in substantial improvement in yields, ease of use and accuracy of nanopore products, enabling a broader range of applications for nanopore sequencing

Internal results with R10 have been very promising.  Consensus accuracy of Q50 has been achieved on a small genome sample – this translates to 1 error in every 100,000 bases, or 99.999% accuracy.

The early access programme allows Oxford Nanopore to work alongside researchers as many aspects of the R10 nanopore are improved; the goal is to have consistently high accuracy results across a broader range of genomes.

Over the coming weeks, flow cells that use the R10 nanopore will be supplied to some groups so that they can generate their own sequence data and feed back to Oxford Nanopore.

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