Core lab webinar series: Getting started with automated library preparation for nanopore sequencing

Event overview

High-throughput library preparation for next-generation sequencing (NGS) requires a lot of repetitive pipetting and therefore is prone to errors. The process needs experience, precision, and accuracy to generate high-quality libraries. During this webinar, Steph Wilbraham from Oxford Nanopore, shared a comprehensive overview of simple and efficient automated library preparation protocols for nanopore sequencing.


Steph uncovered how Oxford Nanopore is redefining the landscape, streamlining workflows, and enhancing efficiency within core labs. She explored the latest advancements in automated library preparation designed to elevate the nanopore sequencing experience.

The benefits of automated library preparation

The webinar enabled viewers to understand why the increasing number of samples and labour-intensive workflows have resulted in a need for automation and showed how to develop strategies that guaranteed reproducible results and increased overall laboratory productivity.

During this webinar users learnt how to

  • Understand how library preparation automation can help obtain reliable results
  • Discovered how to tackle challenges related to library preparation automation
  • Learnt the techniques to build and modify automated protocols
  • Discovered how you can increase productivity and reduce costs

Meet the speakers

Steph Wilbraham, Associate Director, Technical Product Management, Oxford Nanopore

Steph Wilbraham has nearly a decade in the genomics industry. Steph has expertise spanning product management, business development, and automated method development.

Dr. Pascal Laurent, Commercial Marketing Manager, CSP & Core Lab Programmes, Oxford Nanopore

Pascal Laurent heads up the Core Lab and CSP Programme.

Authors: Steph Wilbraham and Pascal Laurent