Oxford Nanopore announces £109.5M ($144.5M) in investment and share sales

2 January 2020, Oxford, UK: Oxford Nanopore Technologies has raised £29.3M ($38.6M) in new capital and additionally facilitated the sale of £80.2M ($105.9) in secondary shares, resulting in total gross proceeds of £109.5M ($144.5M).

These funds have been raised internationally and include both new investors and existing shareholders, from the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

This brings the total primary investment in Oxford Nanopore to ~£480M to date.

Further information on Oxford Nanopore’s fundraising will be made available in due course.

The Company made substantial progress in 2019; from scaling up to population-scale sequencing with PromethION, to accurate, rapid testing in cancer and infectious disease.; Read 19 highlights of 2019.

USD amounts assume exchange rate of 1.32 at 31st December 2019.