Oxford Nanopore announces pathway to diagnostics and other regulated markets

Company launches Q Line sequencing portfolio for users in regulated settings

Oxford Nanopore today announced its pathway towards providing products for the diagnostics and other regulated markets.

Products for customers in regulated environments

Q line, launched today, is designed to support users who wish to develop tests based on nanopore sequencing, for deployment in their own environments.

The ISO9001-qualified Q Line sequencing portfolio from Oxford Nanopore delivers all the benefits of real-time, on-demand sequencing in a locked-down, standardised format — enabling the implementation of routine, long-term workflows for in-house validated assays.

However, many industries will benefit from the introduction of Q Line products. Proven, locked-down nanopore technology would be advantageous for researchers across many applications, such as water testing, veterinary diagnostics, pharmaceutical research, industrial diagnostics, forensics and clinical research.

The first product available in the Q Line is GridION Q — a locked-down version of the flexible, high-throughput benchtop sequencing system with integrated compute. MinION MK1C Q and Flongle Q will follow soon after.

Two Q Line kits will be available: Ligation Sequencing Kit Q and Native Barcoding Expansion Q, with more to follow.

In vitro diagnostics

Oxford Nanopore is also developing its first in-house assay that is intended for diagnostic use. LamPORE is a new nanopore based assay, and will be first deployed for the detection of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.  LamPORE is also being developed for multiple respiratory pathogens.

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