Direct detection of 8-oxo-dG using nanopore sequencing

Genetic oxidative damage predominantly causes modification of guanine into 8-hydroxyguanine (8-oxo-dG), which has the potential to be a disease biomarker. Currently there are no methods to confidently map this modification. Here the authors trained a deep learning model to detect 8-oxo-dG from raw nanopore sequencing signals. This method allows the simultaneous measure of 5-mC and 8-oxo-dG, providing a new way to explore epigenetics.

Authors: Marc Pagès-Gallego, Daan M. K. van Soest, Nicolle J. M. Besselink, Roy Straver, Janneke P. Keijer, Carlo Vermeulen, Alessio Marcozzi, Markus J. van Roosmalen, Ruben van Boxtel, Boudewijn M. T. Burgering, Tobias B. Dansen, Jeroen de Ridder