Comparative genomics of three clinical Ureaplasma species: analysis of their core genomes and multiple banded antigen locus

To compare the genome sequences among clinical and American Type Culture Collection Ureaplasma strains and to reveal the potential molecular mechanisms of multiple banded antigen (MBA) variation.

Materials & methods
Two strains of Ureaplasma urealyticum 132 and 315 and one strain of Ureaplasma parvum 106 isolated from infertile males were sequenced using Illumina and Nanopore technologies. Comparative genomic analysis was performed of the three strains and two American Type Culture Collection strains.

Results & conclusion
The Ureaplasma species shared a core genome. Strains 132 and 315 shared a distant relationship with previously sequenced Ureaplasma spp. The MBA locus is more informative for studying MBA mutations than is the mba gene alone. The mechanisms of MBA variation are more flexible and complex than previously reported. The variation in MBA is not limited to the mba gene but occurs in other genes within the MBA locus.

Authors: Ting Yang, Xihong Li, Ying Zhang, Yingying Kong, Haitao Yu, Zhi Ruan, Xinyou Xie, Jun Zhang