Oxford Nanopore starts developer programme to trial new enrichment methods for real time nanopore sequencing

Oxford Nanopore is developing target enrichment processes for the nanopore sequencing platform, based on the CRISPR/Cas9 system. When coupled with real-time nanopore DNA analysis, these techniques are designed to help users target and resolve specific biological questions more quickly and efficiently than possible with whole genome sequencing. The first participants are preparing to use the enrichment techniques for the first time, in a range of research areas including:

  • Gene panels in large genomes, in particular for applications where PCR amplification is not appropriate
  • Pathogen detection where there is background host DNA
  • Cancer research
  • and many other areas of human genetics.

Interested in exploring enrichment methods for nanopore sequencing? This programme is currently open to Nanopore Community members.

If you are currently using nanopore sequencing, you are already a member of the Community. You can read the original post on this programme and complete the register-your-interest form here.

If you aren't yet a member of the Community, you can get started here.

Andy Heron | Enrichment and sensitivity methods from Oxford Nanopore on Vimeo.