Introducing the new MinKNOW App

Today marks the release of the MinKNOW App for iOS and Android devices, now available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

MinKNOW is the operating software that drives nanopore sequencing devices. It carries out several core tasks, including data acquisition, real-time analysis and feedback, local basecalling, and data streaming – whilst providing device control including selecting the run parameters, sample identification and tracking, and ensuring that the platform chemistry is performing correctly to run the samples.

The new MinKNOW App provides a feature-rich user interface with MinKNOW running on Oxford Nanopore sequencing devices, enabling users to monitor experiment progress and control their devices, remotely.

The App can also be used to start sequencing runs with the full suite of settings that are available in the desktop app, track previous and running experiments, and manage the device using admin functionality.

Users can start using the new App immediately with devices that have the 20.10 version of MinKNOW — MinION, Mk1C and GridION. The initial release is targeted at tablets but will function on devices with smaller screens.

Download from the Apple Store or Google Play to get started.