Workshops at London Calling 2024

From single cells to whole genomes: nanopore data analysis

In this one-day practical workshop, attendees will be introduced to Oxford Nanopore's EPI2ME workflows for single cell transcriptomics, human whole genome genetic variation (SNP, indel, structural variation, methylation, CNVs and STRs) and metagenomics.

This workshop is aimed at more novice users. For this workshop, users will only need to bring their own laptop with a web browser, ideally chrome. The laptop does not need to be powerful as we will connect to machines for the workshop via the web browser.

Advanced workshop - bioinformatics challenge

An advanced event where attendees will participate in bioinformatics challenges to develop (EPI2ME compatible) workflows for the analysis of Oxford Nanopore sequence data. The event is intended for bioinformaticians and coaching in core technologies will be provided.

Attendees of this workshop should be familiar with the usage of command-line bioinformatics tools, the installation and usage of python packages and scripting of multi-step bioinformatics analyses. For this workshop, users will need to bring a laptop; we’ll need e.g., the chrome browser and a (ssh) terminal to connect to a preconfigured Amazon machine image.

An introduction to machine learning for analysing Oxford Nanopore data

In this one-day practical workshop, attendees will learn the theory of using machine learning to basecall Oxford Nanopore signals, as well as to perform secondary analysis (variant calling).

Attendees of this workshop are expected to have a solid grasp of computer programming, but no machine learning or Oxford Nanopore experience is required. For this workshop, users bring their own Laptop (Mac, Linux or Windows).