How it works

Register your interest

Interested parties start by registering their interest via the form on our website.

The form aims to capture information around sequencing capacity and requirements, the sample you have access to, and your current bioinformatic expertise — which helps us to help you most effectively.


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The legal bit

Compliance will be carried out to ensure legal, ethical, and suitable sample collection, analysis, and distribution of the resulting data. We will not support projects that harm or kill organisms for their DNA.

Acceptance on to the programme

Upon successful acceptance on to the programme, you will receive Oxford Nanopore Technologies DNA sequencing consumables, free of charge. Oxford Nanopore Technologies will provide:

  • Technical expertise and advice needed for creating the highest quality draft reference genomes
  • The latest tools and methods from Oxford Nanopore Technologies


What is required from you?

Data collection and analysis must be complete and shared with the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) within 6 weeks of receiving consumables.


Conservation genomics


Data uploaded to public database

Once bioinformatics analysis is complete, and your data is reviewed, it will then be uploaded to the ENA public database. 


Our partners


Data used to help inform future conservation efforts

The open-data, high-quality drafter genome assembly you will be contributing to, will help inform future conservation efforts.


Case studies