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What are the colours shown in the MinKNOW™ "Channels Panel" indicating?

The “Channels Panel” reflects the real-time channel states.

Different states are represented by different colours.

Below is an example of the Channels Panel of a MinION sequencing run.

Sequencing (light green): a DNA strand translocating through a single pore.

Pore (dark green): a single open pore that is not currently capturing DNA.

Recovering (dark blue): a single pore with a stalled DNA strand that is no longer translocating, or a current range that is too high to be meaningful.

Inactive (light blue): a channel that cannot be rescued and will no longer be able to sequence. Reasons can include the current being outside the detector limit or the presence of multiple pores.

Unclassified (white): a channel that MinKNOW has not yet classified into one of the states described above.

Channels Panel

You can click the “More” button to reveal a more detailed array of channel states:

Channels panel complete

Strand (light green): DNA is currently passing through a single pore.

Adapter (straw yellow): The pore is sequencing the unligated sequencing adapter only. Reads will initially be classified as adapter until the DNA/RNA strand starts translocating through the pore and MinKNOW™ is able to reclassify the read. Please note that when sequencing shorter fragments, MinKNOW™ might only label it as adapter despite there being read data in the raw signal and that this will still be basecalled.

Single pore (dark green): Single pore is present, however, no DNA or other sample is currently passing through the pore.

Unavailable (Turquoise): Single pore which is currently blocked. Pores can be unblocked during the course of the experiment by the software/electronics.

Active feedback (purple): The channel is being flicked, either as part of a routine flick or to remove a stalled strand.

Possible Multiple (orange): More than one pore is present at that sensor.

Saturated (black): This indicates that the particular sensor was passing too much current and the channel was switched off by the software in order to not affect neighboring channels.

Out of Range 1 (grey): Some negative current passing through that particular sensor.

Out of Range 2 (light blue): Some current passing through that particular sensor, but the cause of the current cannot be classified (hasn't been assigned as a pore or as strand data).

Zero (Dark blue): Very little current passing through that particular sensor (viable pore not present).

The default channel state is in olive brown, indicating a channel state hasn't been assigned for that channel yet.

For more details on the MinKNOW GUI, please see the MinKNOW technical document.

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