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What do the lights on my P2 Solo mean?

From MinKNOW version 23.04 you will find the following LED patterns on your P2 Solo device.


P2 Light Patterns

Device ready - no flow cells inserted

All five LEDs are solid white in colour

Flow cell inserted

All five LEDs are solid blue in colour

Data acquisition in progress (including hardware and flow cell check)

All five LEDs scroll green from left to right

Temperature warning

If you observe this please check your FC/CTC heat pad, that the device is within ambient temperature range operating range (+18°C to +23°C) with 30cm clearance all around the instrument and away from direct sunlight. Then reinsert your flow cell and perform a platform QC to check the temperature control.

Please reach out to customer support if you continue to see this pattern.

All five LEDs flash yellow

MinKNOW script error

Flashing alert that indicates that the script running as encountered and error and stopped.

Please reach out to customer support if you continue to see this pattern.

All five LEDs flash red

Data transfer too slow between P2 solo and attached compute

If you see this, please ensure you’re using the included USB-C cable (‘labelled P2’) and that you’ve inserted your cable into a super speed compatible port (USB 3.0 or greater). Additionally, please ensure no unnecessary USB devices are plugged into your compute.

All five LEDs flash blue

Script ended successfully

All five LEDs are solid green in colour

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