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Extraction Protocols

Our goal is to enable the sequencing of any living thing, by any person, in any environment. To allow this, we provide protocols to support a range of experiments within the Nanopore Community. Our library preparation protocols are designed to be simple and fast, for example our Rapid Sequencing library prep takes only ten minutes to prepare. We also recognise that sample extraction is as important as the library preparation, and have now collated suggestions so that you can achieve the best results, whatever the original sample.

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    We now make recommendations on the best DNA/RNA extraction methods to use for a range of sample types. This is a work in progress, and we will continue to add new methods over time. To see the extraction protocols in more detail, please take a look at the Community page

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  2. Our recommended extraction methods are compatible with our range of library preparation kits. Examples of library prep methods can be found by selecting a sequencing kit in the Nanopore store and following the Protocols link.

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