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Rachel Rubinstein

NCM2020 User group meeting: Kit formats

About Rachel Rubinstein

Rachel is a Field-based Product Manager at Oxford Nanopore Technologies. She works with North American customers to gather insights about their workflows and software interactions, and relays all feedback to the Oxford team to improve Nanopore products. Prior to joining Oxford Nanopore, Rachel worked at Ginkgo Bioworks first on the NGS operations team, and then as a Software Product Manager building lab operations software. Rachel is based out of Boston, MA, USA.


In this session, we would like to learn more about how high-throughput users adapt our sequencing kit formats to their needs – from how many kits you decide to order, to unboxing, to large-scale sample preparation. Focusing mainly on PromethION and GridION users, this session will discuss pain points in scaling up library preparation and suggestions for how to optimize our kits for high-throughput applications. We would also love to learn more about the kit format needs for high-throughput automation users. 

Rachel Rubinstein, Field Based Product Manager

Rachel Rubinstein, Field Based Product Manager