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Jon Pugh

NCM2020 User group meeting: Device usability

About Jon Pugh

Jon joined Oxford Nanopore in 2011 after completing a Biology Degree at the University of Warwick. Initially working in the lab on the nanopore reader for 4 years, he then made a move to the commercial operations team, helping to oversee the release of Oxford Nanopore's many products to market. Jon is now concentrating on the development of the PromethION and helping with its introduction to customers, but is still involved with Oxford Nanopore's many other products, including both hardware and software.


In this session, we are eager to hear your feedback on the usability of our devices across your many workplaces and settings. We would like to learn about any challenges you encounter when using the VolTRAX, MinION (Mk1b and Mk1c). We will focus mainly on hardware issues that affect your experiences of interacting with and handling our devices, plus other issues such as temperatures, sounds, and more. Note: this session will not discuss software interactions or workflows, such as setting up a sequencing run. 

Jon Pugh, Associate Director – Product Management Devices

Jon Pugh, Associate Director – Product Management Devices