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The power of Q20+ chemistry

Q20+ chemistry for single molecule accuracy of 99% and higher​

Our newest Q20+ platform update, V14 kit chemistry with R10.4.1 pore, simplifies the kit offering from Oxford Nanopore, ensuring the highest accuracy and yield for all read lengths and all your biology.


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Unlock high accuracy and high yield​

The newest update offers Q20+ (≥99%) raw read accuracy with high sequencing yield. An updated enzyme of V14 chemistry coupled with the new R10.4.1 nanopore provides the highest accuracy for nanopore sequencing on measures such as SNP and INDEL scores, along with gold-standard performance for 5-methylcytosine. V14 chemistry also includes previous updates, such as a higher capture rate of DNA to enable lower flow cell loading amounts and fuel fix technology, allowing users to run longer experiments without the need for fuel addition during the run.

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Discover duplex for even higher accuracy​

In addition to simplex reads, V14 chemistry and R10.4.1 nanopore combination can also produce duplex reads to further increase accuracy. Duplex reads combine data from both strands into one basecall to generate single molecule accuracy to ~Q30 or higher. The duplex approach with V14 chemistry has already demonstrated perfect reads up to 72 kb in length and Q30 reads at 260 kb.

High-duplex flow cells

Join the closed Early Access programme and discover high duplex rates for the highest quality and accuracy with nanopore sequencing.

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Upgrade from previous chemistry

Improve accuracy

The V14 chemistry with R10.4.1 pore gives vast accuracy improvements over the previous Kit 9, Kit 10, R9.4.1 and R10.4 pores at all read lengths. The newest combination offers higher raw read and consensus accuracies, as well as improved INDELs (99% in coding sequence regions) and homopolymer calling.


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Achieve high yields

The kit V14/R10.4.1 combination provides high yield on all devices. We have demonstrated yields of 237 Gbases with Ligation Sequencing Kit V14 on the the PromethIONTM Flow Cell with a modal accuracy of 99.2% (Q21). The sequencing yield on MinIONTM and FlongleTM Flow Cells scales accordingly in line with the number of nanopores available.


Available now

Currently available V14 chemistry kits and flow cells from Oxford Nanopore enable a range of library preparation and sequencing approaches.

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Sequencing kits

Kit name V14 product code V10 kit to be replaced V9 kit to be replaced
Ligation Sequencing Kit V14 SQK-LSK114 SQK-LSK110 SQK-LSK109
Ligation Sequencing Kit XL V14




Native Barcoding Kit 24 V14




Native Barcoding Kit 96 V14




Rapid Sequencing Kit V14




Rapid Barcoding Kit 24 V14




Rapid Barcoding Kit 96 V14




Ultra-Long DNA Sequencing Kit V14





Flow cells

Flow cell name V14 product code R10.4 flow cells to be replaced R9.4.1 flow cells to be replaced
MinION Flow Cell FLO-MIN114 FLO-MIN112 FLO-MIN106D
PromethION Flow Cell FLO-PRO114M FLO-PRO112 FLO-PRO002
Flongle Flow Cell FLO-FLG114 N/A FLO-FLG001


Other library prep solutions in V14 chemistry will follow shortly in 2023. Find out more about the release phases for Oxford Nanopore products, including Early Access phase.


Please note: we will discontinue selected products using the previous Kit 9 and Kit 10 chemistries during 2023. For more information about the discontinuation process please click here.



Miten Jain: Human genome assembly and analysis using R10.4.1 and Kit 14

Miten Jain's team at University of California, Santa Cruz, USA have been assessing recent improvements in read length, accuracy, and software for ultra-rapid, nanopore-based whole-genome sequencing analysis. Specifically focusing upon Kit 14 here, Miten presented data generated in the past few days prior to this talk, showing the generation of over 140 Gb of sequencing data in a single PromethION Flow Cell. This high output is achieved with lower DNA and library input requirements than for the previous chemistry. Also highlighted was a notable improvement in raw read accuracy, particularly evident in homopolymer regions where lengths of up to approximately 20 bases were accurately called.

The team is currently generating their first human genome assemblies using the latest nanopore chemistry and flow cells; however initial results using sheared genomic DNA, are reaching NG50 scores exceeding 20 Mb. They are also evaluating the use of duplex data and developing further variant calling and methylation analysis tools. With the developments presented here, Miten concluded that “phased, Q40+ accuracy de novo assemblies may be achievable”.


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