Glen Gowers

Glen Gowers , Return to Vatnajökull Expedition 2019


Alongside his Ph.D. studies at Imperial College, Glen spent his spare time self-organising an expedition to retrace a 1932 route across Europe’s largest icecap, the Vatnajökull in Iceland, with a team of 3 friends in 2019. Inspired by the 1932 team, he wanted to push the bounds of expedition science. Packing an entire lab into the back of his sledge, Glen and the team performed the first example of entirely off-grid sequencing in a polar environment, running only on human and solar power. The team hope this work will be used in the future to studies organism is far-flung remote places.  


Glen is currently finishing a Ph.D. in Synthetic Biology at Imperial College, London. Having gained experience with nanopore sequencing in the laboratory, he spent his spare time adapting his sequencing approach to a polar expedition.