Real-time metagenomics with MARTi

Richard Leggett

Richard Leggett, Earlham Institute, UK


MARTi (Metagenomic Analysis in Real Time) is an open, real-time analysis platform with a user-friendly web-based graphical interface. MARTi will perform real-time read classification, taxonomic assignment, and antimicrobial resistance analysis, displaying results with interactive plots and diagrams that update as reads are sequenced. MARTi allows comparison of multiple samples, with any in-progress runs updating in real-time. Figures can be exported as publication-quality vector images and data can be easily exported to other packages. For applications that do not require real-time analysis, MARTi can analyse offline datasets and provides a robust analysis approach suitable for many metagenomics projects.


Richard is a Group Leader at the Earlham Institute in Norwich, UK. His research group is focussed on developing new methods and tools to understand complex communities of prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The group has a particular focus on using nanopore sequencing for real-time and in situ sequencing and analysis. Applications include clinical diagnostics research, pathogen detection, and environmental sampling.