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Nanopore DNA sequencing

Using long nanopore DNA sequencing reads researchers can:

  • Resolve complex structural variants and repetitive regions
  • Simplify de novo genome assembly and improve existing reference genomes
  • Study linkage and phasing
  • Enhance metagenomic identification of closely related species and distinguish plasmid from genome
  • Sequence entire microbes in single reads – in real-time
  • Explore epigenetic modifications using direct, long-read DNA sequencing

How does nanopore DNA sequencing work?

Nanopore sequencing is a unique, scalable technology that enables direct, real-time analysis of long DNA or RNA fragments. It works by monitoring changes to an electrical current as nucleic acids are passed through a protein nanopore. The resulting signal is decoded to provide the specific DNA or RNA sequence.

Nanopore DNA sequencing devices

A range of nanopore sequencing devices are available, providing high-yields and scalable sample throughput to suit all requirements — from portable analysis using Flongle and MinION, through to flexible, high-throughput benchtop sequencing on GridION and PromethION. MinION Starter Packs are available from just $1,000 providing low-cost access to the benefits of long-read, real-time DNA sequencing.

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DNA sequencing in real time

Unlike traditional DNA sequencing platforms, which deliver data in bulk at the end of a sequencing run, nanopore DNA sequencing data is streamed in real time — providing immediate access to results. Advantages of real-time data streaming include rapid access to time critical information (e.g. pathogen identification), the generation of early sample insights, and the facility to stop sequencing once a result has been achieved — enabling washing and reuse of the flow cell

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Streamlined DNA sequencing workflows

Oxford Nanopore provides streamlined DNA library preparation kits, which take as little as 10 minutes to perform and require minimal sample input amounts. PCR and direct, PCR-free library preparation kits are available to suit users' specific read-length, speed, and coverage requirements.

Sample extraction and library preparation can also be automated using VolTRAX, a portable, USB-powered device — saving hands-on time and minimising the potential for user error.

Direct DNA sequencing

The facility of nanopore technology to analyse native DNA, without the requirement for amplification, eliminates PCR bias and allows the identification of base modifications alongside nucleotide sequence — with no requirement for time-consuming, harsh, and, often inefficient, chemical conversion (e.g. bisulfite conversion).

Epigenetics applications

Direct DNA sequecing

Real-time DNA sequencing analysis

DNA sequencing and analysis

Get immediate access to your DNA sequencing results with real-time data streaming. Data is provided in standard FASTQ and FAST5 formats suitable for analysis using a range of downstream tools, including the EPI2ME platform, which provides easy access to a growing number of real-time analysis workflows. Current EPI2ME workflows include microbial species identification and quantification, antimicrobial resistance profiling, human structural variant analysis, and reference alignment. Find out more about analysing nanopore DNA sequencing data and access our online tutorials

Data analysis

DNA sequencing techniques

Nanopore technology can be applied across all DNA sequencing techniques.

Whole genome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing

Accurately characterise all genomic variants and generate complete genome assemblies.

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Targeted DNA sequencing

Targeted sequencing

Sequence long targeted regions and expand on the limitations of traditional targeted sequencing approaches. Use amplification-free strategies to preserve base modifications.

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Metagenomic DNA sequencing

Metagenomic sequencing

More accurately identify microbes and their abundance with real-time results.

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Identify base modifications alongside DNA sequence using direct sequencing approaches.

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Nanopore DNA sequencing applications

The long, real-time sequencing reads provided by nanopore technology provide additional insight into all DNA sequencing applications including:

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Start your DNA sequencing project

Start your DNA sequencing project today

Getting started with nanopore DNA sequencing is easy. All products are available as Starter Packs, which include everything you need to cost-effectively perform your initial nanopore DNA sequencing experiments. Devices start at just $1,000 with no CapEx required.

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