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Nanopore Digest: 8th August 2019

Thu 8th August 2019

Human genomics

Welcome to the Oxford Nanopore digest - a regular newsletter of updates from the nanopore community.  You'll be able to find links to recent publications, presentations and other news.  If you'd like to get the digest in your inbox please let us know.

Efficient de novo assembly of eleven human genomes using PromethION sequencing and a novel nanopore toolkit

In this pre-print, Shafin et al. present their workflow for highly time- and cost-efficient human genome sequencing and assembly using the Oxford Nanopore PromethION platform. The team sequenced 11 human genomes on a single PromethION in just 9 days, obtaining 2.3 Tb of total sequence data, and an average 63x depth of coverage, including 6.5x depth in ultra-long, 100 kb+ reads – “in terms of contemporary long-read sequencing platforms, this throughput is unmatched”. Their novel assembly tool Shasta was capable of producing a draft human genome assembly in less than 6 hours and for only $70. According to the authors, nanopore sequencing with the PromethION is “particularly applicable to de novo genome assembly because it can produce high yields of very long 100+ kilobase reads”, with reduced time, labour and cost.

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7 breakthroughs in RNA research from the Nanopore Community

It was RNA day 2019 last week, so we're taking the time to celebrate some ground-breaking work from the Nanopore Community, across the field of transcriptomics. Read our article to learn more. 

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