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Nanopore Digest: 25th July 2019

Thu 25th July 2019

Cassava virus

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Tree Lab: Portable genomics for early detection of plant viruses and pests in Sub-Saharan Africa

In this pre-print, Boykin and colleagues demonstrate how in-field nanopore sequencing using the MinION and MinIT enables the rapid identification of cassava viruses. On three small-scale family farms in sub-Saharan Africa, and with only a range of battery-powered devices for DNA extraction, sequencing, and analysis, the team performed nanopore sequencing on DNA obtained from symptomatic cassava leaves, stems, and whiteflies feeding on infected plants, achieving diagnosis in less than 4 hours after sample collection. Such rapid detection and identification of crop viruses allows farmers to act early for the protection and disease management of their crops.

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Timothy Gilpatrick and his team utilised Cas9 to enrich for and comprehensively analyse multiple cancer-associated loci in breast cell lines. Download this research spotlight to read a summary of the results.

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