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Nanopore sequencing offers advantages in all areas of research. Our offering includes DNA sequencing, as well as RNA and gene expression analysis and future technology for analysing proteins.

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Interview: Exploring complex disease in Asian populations with PromethION

6th August 2021

with Professor Jianjun Liu of the Genome Institute of Singapore Conducted and written by Jonathan Pugh “long-read sequencing will become the main platform for clinical diagnosis, j...

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Interview: The PromethION Experts at VIB

2nd July 2021

with Mojca Strazisar, Tim De Pooter and Wouter De Coster, members of the VIB Center for Molecular Neurology Conducted and written by Jonathan Pugh “Yields have been exploding in th...

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Interview: Using PromethION for Cancer, Collaborations and more

25th June 2021

with Dr Richard Moore, Sequencing Group Leader at the Genome Science Centre, BC Cancer Conducted and written by Jonathan Pugh "We are routinely getting 100-120 gigabases out, that’...

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Interview: PromethION 24 and human disease research

18th June 2021

with Eric Cabannes, Development Laboratory Manager at the Centre National de Recherche en Génomique Humaine (CNRGH) Conducted and written by Jonathan Pugh "We now routinely obtain ...

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London Calling 2021: watch on demand!

6th May 2021

London Calling took place last week, but it’s not too late to register and catch-up on all the content on demand. The talks covered everything from methylation in degenerative disease res...

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Bringing Genomic COVID-19 Surveillance to the Developing World

11th March 2021

Kahlil Corazo is an entrepreneur and project manager from the Philippines who initiated and led Project Accessible Genomics, a low-cost genomic sequencing operation that aims to bring pat...

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Answered: 11 questions about presenting at London Calling 2021 (and why we’d love you to take part)

17th February 2021

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions and following on from the success of last year’s virtual London Calling conference, the upcoming London Calling 2021 is also going ahead online. Ki...

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20 moments we will remember from 2020

31st December 2020

Dear all, As each year draws to an end, we reflect on its highlights. You can read our 2019 and 2018 blogs here. But 2020 was a year like no other; it's hard to think of the following as...

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Structural variation & cancer: top 7 things to read right now

20th November 2020

Somatic mutations are the driving force behind cancer development, and structural variations (SVs) are more and more being recognised as an important class of these mutations. The detecti...

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Interview: Nanopore sequencing: the mobile methylome

17th November 2020

Adam Ewing leads the Translational Bioinformatics Group at the Mater Research Institute - University of Queensland in Australia, where he works to develop methods and software for anal...

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Structural variation in human genomics: 6 things to read right now

3rd November 2020

The significance of structural variation in human genomics is becoming increasingly established in many fields, from cancer to neurology and the mechanisms of rare disease. With research ...

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Epigenetics, Cas9-mediated enrichment and novel insights in transcriptome variation: catch up on talks from ASHG 2020

30th October 2020

This week we heard from Ariel Gershman, Shruti Iyer and Tuuli Lappalainen on their latest research addressing some of the key challenges in human genomics using nanopore technology. The t...

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Your Oxford Nanopore guide to ASHG 2020 online

26th October 2020

ASHG 2020 has moved online this year but there’s still plenty going on and lots of ways you can find out about how human genomics researchers are overcoming some of the big challenges i...

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Blog: cuteSV - a powerful tool to uncover the full spectrum of genomic structural variants

19th October 2020

In this blog, Tao Jiang describes his work on the development of the structural variant (SV) caller cuteSV. Read on to find out how the cuteSV bioinformatics pipeline works, how it perfor...

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Interview: Improving structural variant interpretation for hereditary cancer susceptibility

5th October 2020

Accurate molecular diagnosis of cancer-causing germline variants enables increased screening, early detection, prevention, and optimal treatment, if cancer does arise in predisposed pat...

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Blog: Copy number variation analysis from plasma: is it feasible using nanopore sequencing?

29th September 2020

In this blog, Filippo Martignano shares his research into copy number variation (CNV) analysis in cancer, from cell-free DNA samples, using shallow whole-genome sequencing. Read on to hea...

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Blog: Resolving structural variants causing antithrombin deficiency

14th September 2020

In this blog, Alba Sanchis-Juan, Javier Corral, and Belén de la Morena-Barrio describe their research into the genetic basis of thrombophilia, and how nanopore long sequencing reads were ...

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Blog: Revealing the impact of structural variants on cancer susceptibility

2nd September 2020

In this blog, Katherine Dixon shares her team’s work on identifying structural variants in cancer genomes, and she explains why identifying them accurately is so important. Katherine ...

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Interview: Identification of structural variation in chimpanzees using optical mapping and nanopore sequencing

10th July 2020

Daniela Soto is a Ph.D. candidate in the Integrative Genetics and Genomics program at UC Davis, working in the Dennis Lab where she is using long-read sequencing technologies to unveil ...

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Blog: Ruminating on the rumen microbiome

9th June 2020

In this blog, Beatriz Delgado Corrales, Óscar González Recio, and Mónica Gutiérrez Rivas describe their work on classifying rumen microbiomes, comparing long-read and short-read sequencin...

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Interview: Nanopore sequencing: the missing puzzle piece in molecular identification

11th May 2020

Ahmed Abd El Wahed is a scientist at the Institute of Animal Hygiene, University of Leipzig, and established a mobile suitcase laboratory for the rapid detection of viruses, bacteria an...

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Blog: PuntSeq - Portable nanopore sequencing of freshwater metagenomes

17th April 2020

In this blog, Lara Urban discusses the importance of freshwater microbial monitoring, and the founding of PuntSeq – a citizen science effort centred around using nanopore sequencing techn...

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Blog: Metagenomic sequencing: which assembly method is best?

7th April 2020

In this blog, Adriel Latorre-Perez shares his work on comparing methods for assembling metagenomes from nanopore sequencing data, and he provides recommendations on the best tools to use ...

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Blog: Long reads reveal small-scale structural variations in an allo-tetraploid crop plant

25th February 2020

Harmeet Singh Chawla, from Justus Liebig University Giessen, discusses how he developed a pipeline using long nanopore reads to investigate genomic structural variation in the major crop ...

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Interview: Nanopore sequencing in plants: from greenhouse to genome

10th February 2020

Date: Tuesday 18th February Time: 3pm UK time Speaker: Maximilian Schmidt, RWTH Aachen University Maximillian Schmidt is currently completing a PhD at RWTH Aachen University where h...

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Blog: Plant genome hybrid assembly with MaSuRCA

15th January 2020

In the first of a new series of blogs from members of the Nanopore Community, Aleksey Zimin from Johns Hopkins University discusses his software MaSuRCA, which uses long nanopore reads to...

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19 highlights from 2019

31st December 2019

Dear all, It’s been another big year for us at Oxford Nanopore – we’ve been thinking a lot about growth. How do we continue to grow the performance of the technology, grow the volume ...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2019: Day 2

6th December 2019

The second day of the Nanopore Community Meeting 2019 in New York was no less packed than the first, with tonnes of great talks from a huge range of speakers. Here are just a few of the h...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2019: Day 1

5th December 2019

The first day of Nanopore Community Meeting 2019 in New York has been a day packed full of talks. Videos and recordings of all the talks will be online soon, but for now, here are a few h...

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Interview: Improving the polar bear transcriptome using long-read sequencing and Cas9 depletion

29th October 2019

Date: Thursday 7th October Time: 4pm GMT Speaker: Ashley L. Byrne, University of California, Santa Cruz Ashley is a graduate student researcher working in the Vollmers Lab at Univer...

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Interview: Old is new: maximizing read lengths and yield for genome assembly

22nd October 2019

Date: Thursday 24th October Time: 4pm UK time Speaker: John Tyson, University of British Columbia Dr John Tyson is a senior research associate in the lab of Professor Terrance Snutc...

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ASHG 2019: An Oxford Nanopore Guide

15th October 2019

Are you in Houston this week for the biggest human genomics conference of the year? Our team would love to hear what you’re working on! You’ll find us at booth 1127 with technology and a...

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Nanopore Tech Tour: a round up from Shanghai

27th September 2019

Yesterday the Nanopore Tech Tour landed in Shanghai for another fantastic day of talks, live sequencing demos, tutorials and flow cell loading clinics. Read on for summaries of the tal...

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Nanopore Tech Tour: a round up from Beijing

26th September 2019

This week, we're hosting the first Nanopore Technology Tour in China. On September 23rd we kicked off in Beijing with an excellent line-up of speakers from the Nanopore Community and a...

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Interview: Long-read sequencing technologies reveal mutations lurking in the “camouflaged” genome

24th September 2019

Date: Tuesday 8th October Time: 4pm BST/11am EDT Speaker: Mark Ebbert, Mayo Clinic Dr. Mark T.W. Ebbert is Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at the Mayo Clinic, USA with a background...

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11 questions about NCM 2019 answered

20th September 2019

With only 11 weeks to go until we meet in New York City, here are 11 things you may be wondering about the Nanopore Community Meeting (and 11 reasons we’d love to see you there): Su...

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A summer* of nanopore – are you up to date?

17th September 2019

As we gear up for what's set to be a busy rest of 2019, with a China Nanopore Tech Tour just around the corner and the New York Community Meeting hot on its heels, we’re taking a momen...

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Interview: Single-cell nanopore sequencing allows high-throughput multiomic analyses of cellular diversity in disease

28th August 2019

Date: Thursday 29th August 2019 Time: 4pm BST/11am EDT/8am PDT/1am Sydney Speaker: Ghamdan Al-Eryani, Garvan Institute of Medical Research Ghamdan Al-Eryani is currently completing his...

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7 breakthroughs in RNA research from the Nanopore Community

1st August 2019

On RNA Day 2019 we're taking the time to celebrate some ground-breaking work from the Nanopore Community, across the field of transcriptomics. These examples utilise both methods we offer...

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Interview: Digging up the dirt using rapid genomic discovery with nanopore sequencing

20th June 2019

Technology Networks webinar Date: Thursday 27th June 2019 Time: 11am EDT/4pm BST/7am Alaska Speaker: Devin Drown, Assistant Professor at University Alaska Fairbanks Devin Drown is Ass...

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London Calling 2019 day 3: populations-scale SV with PromethION, forensics, direct RNA, more

24th May 2019

The final day of London Calling saw some impressive science in compact formats - read the plenary write ups below, or head over to the Nanopore Community to see the full live blog! Min ...

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London Calling 2019, Day 2: cancer research, completing human chromosomes, epigenetic signatures of viruses, more

23rd May 2019

The second day of talks at London Calling saw some phenomenal science - from completing the human genome to using cell-free DNA to investigate residual disease in cancer. Get the run-dow...

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London Calling 2019 day 1: RNA base modification, haematology, mRNA in the human brain, more

22nd May 2019

It's been a fantastic and packed out first day in Old Billingsgate for London Calling! The summaries of the key plenary talks can be found below recounting all the action; keep track of e...

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London Calling: Live first-time sequencing of the Fever Tree - the plant that some say has saved millions of lives from malaria

22nd May 2019

Today, the annual London Calling conference starts. 600 attendees from all over the world have converged on Old Billingsgate to discuss all things nanopore, to hear 87 speakers and read ...

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ECCMID: An Oxford Nanopore guide to ECCMID

11th April 2019

If you're in Amsterdam this weekend for ECCMID 2019, please do come and say hello at booth 1.23. PromethION, GridION, MinION and Flongle will be on display and we're bringing a range o...

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Interview: The SG-NEx project: nanopore long-read RNA-sequencing of human cancer cell lines

31st January 2019

Webinar date: Thursday 28th February (pre-recorded on 21st February) Time: 12pm EST/5pm GMT/9am PST Speaker: Jonathan Göke, Genome Institute of Singapore (A*STAR) Jonathan Göke is a...

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Interview: Transcriptome of an agricultural pest delineated by Oxford Nanopore RNA-Seq

25th January 2019

Webinar date: Thursday 14th February Time: 12pm EST/5pm GMT/9am PST Speaker: Anthony Bayega, McGill University, Canada Anthony Bayega is currently completing a PhD at McGill University...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2018 - Day 2 writeup

29th November 2018

Plenary: Michael Schatz Opening day 2 of the Nanopore Community Meeting 2018, Michael Schatz, Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Computer Science and Biology at Johns Hopki...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2018 - Day 1 writeup

28th November 2018

After the conclusion of the action from day one of the Nanopore Community Meeting 2018 in San Francisco, here's a detailed roundup of the talks! For more information on the talk by Oxf...

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Interview: Genome Insights enabling crop innovation using PromethION

13th November 2018

Date: Tuesday 20th November Time: 3pm GMT Speaker: Alexander Wittenberg, KeyGene After completing his PhD at the Lab of Plant Breeding in 2007, Alexander Wittenberg joined KeyGene, a l...

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Interview: Maize genome complexity traversed with Oxford Nanopore Technology

5th November 2018

Frontline Genomics Webinar Date: Thursday 8th November Time: 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT Speaker: Todd P. Michael, PhD, Professor and Director of Informatics, JCVI Todd Michael is Profes...

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Nanopore Community Meeting (28-29 Nov) will feature talks from CTO Clive G. Brown, 50 users of nanopore sequencing. Get your ticket now!

2nd November 2018

The 4th Nanopore Community meeting will be held 28-29 November in San Francisco, with a workshop on 27th November. Browse the agenda and book your place. What to expect Nanopore techno...

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Oxford Nanopore evening seminar at American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG): brief summary

22nd October 2018

At this year's ASHG, nanopore data was presented in a total of 26 talks/posters, read this ASHG guide for more information. In the evening, Oxford Nanopore hosted a seminar and gave a te...

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ASHG: An Oxford Nanopore guide to ASHG

16th October 2018

If you are in San Diego at this week's ASHG meeting, please come and visit us at booth 435. We will have PromethION, GridION and MinION on display and a range of technology and applicati...

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Interview: Human genome sequencing on PromethION: characterisation of structural variants and repetitive regions

9th October 2018

Frontline Genomics Webinar Date: Thursday 11th October Time: 4pm BST/5pm CEST Speakers: Arne De Roeck & Wouter De Coster Arne De Roeck and Wouter De Coster are currently c...

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London Calling: Day 2 (afternoon) writeups

27th May 2018

A blog summarising presentations from the London Calling Conference, May 2018. Thanks for visiting our writeup page. We'll continue to update it over the coming days so please check bac...

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London Calling: Day 2 (morning) writeups

25th May 2018

Thanks for visiting this page - please come back soon as we will continue to load content throughout the day Day 2 of London Calling was opened by CEO Gordon Sanghera, who showed Matt Lo...

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London Calling: Day 1 (afternoon) writeups

24th May 2018

A blog summarising presentations from the London Calling Conference, May 2018. Thanks for visiting our London Calling writeup page. We'll continue to update it over the coming days so pl...

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London Calling: Day 1 (morning) writeups

24th May 2018

The annual London Calling conference kicked off today at Old Billingsgate in the City of London. This blog contains writeups of many of the talks, or you can also follow the action at Tw...

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2017 was busy, and here's why. Happy New Year 2018

8th January 2018

Welcome back to 2018! Last year was busy: new releases from Oxford Nanopore, more than 80 publications from the community and two sell-out community meetings. We hope you will keep in t...

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Community meeting videos now available

14th December 2017

The Nanopore Community Meeting concluded on 1st December, gathering 300 people in New York. Videos of the sessions are now being released online, you can find them here. Writeups of Day...

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Nanopore Community Meeting - Day 2 writeup

11th December 2017

Gordon Sanghera opened Day 2 to Blondie, of course, and by announcing that two service providers have now completed certification and are offering nanopore sequencing as a service using G...

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Nanopore Community Meeting 2017: Day 1 write-up

30th November 2017

Day 1 of the Nanopore Community Meeting is done, and if you were not there in person, you may have been following #nanoporeconf on twitter. Videos of the sessions will be released soon. ...

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New applications posters released for Nanopore Community Meeting

28th November 2017

Later this week, scientists will be gathering in New York to discuss their latest research using Nanopore DNA or RNA sequencing. You can see the agenda for the Nanopore Community Meeting...

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Oxford Nanopore at ASHG 2017

18th October 2017

Since ASHG last year, the MinION has been used to sequence human genomes (and also large plant genomes), the higher-throughput GridION and PromethION have emerged, new direct RNA and cDNA...

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London Calling 2017: Day 2 updates

5th May 2017

Plenary: Nick Loman The first plenary lecture of the morning was from Nick Loman who works in the Institute for Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham. Nick started...

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London Calling 2017: Day 1 updates

4th May 2017

It's been a long day at Old Billingsgate in London, where 400 people gathered from 25 countries to share their experiences of nanopore sequencing. Other talk summaries, in brief: Plen...

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In Brief: Oxford Nanopore updates at the Nanopore Community meeting in New York

2nd December 2016

It has been a busy week in New York. Presentations will be released soon, but in the meantime you can review updates by following #nanoporeconf on social media or the updates here on the ...

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Update from Day 2 of the Nanopore Community Meeting in New York: Cas9 enrichment, long reads in transcriptomics, fungal pathogen outbreak surveillance, more

2nd December 2016

The 200 attendees returned after a busy Day 1 to a day of plenaries, breakouts and discussions. Dr. Andy Heron, Oxford Nanopore's Director of Advanced Research, told us about the progr...

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Update from Day 1 of the Nanopore Community Meeting in New York: infectious disease, first human genomes on a MinION, Clive Brown plenary, more

2nd December 2016

Thursday was a busy day at the Nanopore Community meeting in New York. 200 attendees travelled to the Metropolitan Pavilion to listen to plenaries, take part in breakout sessions and view...

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London Calling conf concludes - watch the talks and review the announcements

27th May 2016

The London Calling conference in London has now concluded. More than 250 scientists with an interest in nanopore sequencing gathered to watch plenary talks, review posters, surf the Live ...

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Oxford Nanopore to present DNA 'strand sequencing' at AGBT conference; commercialise directly in 2012

1st February 2012

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd. announces that Clive G Brown, Chief Technology Officer, will present at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference in Marco Island, ...

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